From left to right: Hemnes Lutheran Church Council member Arthur Jeremiason, and Council President Raymond Myrvik visit with Rev. Silas Erickson of Evertt, Wash. and Rev. Chester Hoversten of Brainerd when the Hemnes congregation observed its 100th anniversary on Sunday, June 18, 1972. The two ministers spoke during services. Rev. Erickson is the son of former Hemnes minister Rev. Edward Erickson.

From the Mascot files

100 Years Ago
June 9, 1922

Teigland at insurance
meeting in St. Paul
J.L. Teigland, who runs an insurance business in Minneota, traveled to St. Paul on Monday, where he has been attending the annual meeting of the Mutual Insurance Companies of Minnesota.

Daughters of 1st Icelandic
couple here move away
Mrs. Elizabeth Nicholson and Mrs. Caroline Stevens left for Minneapolis Tuesday, where they expect to make their home permanently in the future. Both of these women are natives of this locality. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gunlaugur Peterson, the first Icelandic couple to settle in Minneota, homesteading in 1875 on what is now the Riverside farm in Westerheim Township.

75 Years Ago
June 13, 1947

Twister causes $150,000
in damages in county
Monday evening's twister, which struck around 9 p.m., did an estimated $150,000 damage to farm buildings in the Balaton community, Lyon County agent F.J. Meade, reported to the Mascot. A 16-year-old, Eugene Johnson, was lives on a farm near Balaton, was badly injured in the twister. Between 35 and 40 farms were hit in a strip 16 miles long and from a mile and a half wide starting at the south county line and coming to within five miles of Marshall. Minneota escaped the heavy rain and wind, but 1.53 inches of rain was recorded here during the day.

Minneota man dies
in accident in Marshall
Everette R. Coleman, a prominent businessman, died at noon in Marshall from injuries he received when a part of one of the walls of a ditch in which he was working caved in on him. Mr. Coleman and P.B. Van Dorpe of Marshall were doing some work at the county seat with their ditching machine and Coleman went into the ditch to inspect the tile that had been set when the accident happened. The ditch was in an alley along the river bank in the middle of town and the loose dirt which had been used as fill-in gave way under a heavy crust that had been formed by traffic. Coleman attempted to get out of the ditch when the cave-in started, but was only able to get part way out when a large section slid onto him.

Sugar rationing ends
for households, cafes
Sugar rationing for households, hotels and restaurants ended at midnight on Wednesday, Secretary of Agriculture Anderson announced. Price controls of sugar and rationing to industrial users remain in effect, however. The last food to be removed from rationing, sugar was the first to be placed under control in 1942.

50 Years Ago
June 8, 1972

Jackson receives his
Eagle Scout badge
Douglas Jackson, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jackson, received his Eagle Scout award during Court of Honor ceremonies held at the public school auditorium here last Thursday evening. Douglas first joined the Scouts as a Cub Scout in 1963 and steadily won advancements into the Boy Scouts until he received the award last week. Mr. Jackson, who presented the award to his son, had been Scoutmaster here for the past four years until he resigned from the post recently when the family moved to Gaylord.

Specs returned after
being lost in Goose Lake
Eyeglasses which Douglas Marcotte lost in Goose Lake while water skiing last June were returned to him on Sunday, but it took a person from California to find them. The glasses were in good condition although the dark glasses which had been attached to them were badly damaged. The man who "fished" them out of the lake had been here visiting his parents in Marshall. The glasses were snagged by the man while he was fishing. He reported they were the only thing he caught on his fishing trip over the weekend.

Krohling resigns from
Minneota police force
Lucian Krohling announced his resignation as Minneota police officer during the Village Council meeting Tuesday night. Krohling's resignation will take effect June 30 and that the reason for the resignation was so that he could accept the position of deputy sheriff on Blue Earth County. Krohling had been a police officer here for the past nine months.

Youths now forbidden
from local golf course
Youths who like to loiter on the local golf course or dive into the water looking for golf balls that went astray are forbidden from these activities from now on, according to Countryside Golf Club. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The golf club will not be responsible for accidents. The club hopes that the meaning of these new regulations is made plain to children of this community.

25 Years Ago
June 11, 1997

Girl Scouts plant
75 trees west of town
A total of 75 bareroot trees were planted west of Minneota by the Minneota Girl Scouts on Monday, June 9. They planted 25 Hackberry, 25 Ash and 25 Linden, which had been donated by Rye's Nursery of Porter in honor of the 85th anniversary of Girl Scouts of America being observed on March 12. The trees will be used for boulevards and parks throughout the city. The area where the trees were planted was staked out by Scott Holien and Rollyn Dorenkamper and the land was plowed by Paul Fonteyn and Mike Downing of the Minnesota Plowboys. Cyriel Vlaminck finished soil preparation.

Neyens opens basket
business at her farm
Misty Neyens opened "Baskets Because" recently in Minneota. Misty, originally from Dawson, lives on a farm south of Minneota with her husband, Jeff, and their one-year-old son, Hank. Misty found the idea for gift baskets in a magazine and decided to try it for a business. She creates a wide variety of gift baskets in all shapes, sizes with goodies of all sorts. Special orders are also available.

New officers installed
by Legion Auxiliary
The Minneota American Legion Auxiliary members met on June 5 for the annual Gold Star Mother's Banquet and the installation of new officer. The new officers were Marilyn Russell, President; Mary Buysse, Vice President; Mary Drown, Second Vice President; Beulah Olson, Sergeant of Arms and Installation Officer; Marlene Josephson, Secretary; Delores Seifert, Treasurer; Borghild Larson, Chaplain; and Zona Laleman, Executive Committee member.

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