The Chicago & Northwestern train depot in Ghent in the 1950s.

From the Mascot Files: 100, 75, 50 or 25 Years Ago

100 Years Ago
(Feb. 11, 1921)

Smallpox reported
at several homes
There are several homes in town where smallpox is reported to be toying with some of the inmates. The cases are light and those affected do not suffer much. Ivanhoe and Marshall and other towns around Minneota have been having a run of this same thing, but everywhere the cases have been generally mild.

Ahern new owner
of Jokull property
Frank DeSmet told the Mascot that through his Residence Exchange Department he closed a deal which made James Ahern the owner of the P.P. Jokull properties on Third Street. The Ahern family expects to move to town and Mr. Jokull will build on a lot he bought a year ago from S. Hognason next to the Icelandic Church property. Mr. DeSmet said he expects to sell 20 residential properties in Minneota during the year.

Swobodas buy meat
market in Belle Plaine
H.F. Swoboda, who has been employed in the Finnegan's Meat Market, recently purchases a meat market in Belle Plaine. Mr. and Mrs. Swoboda left here last week to move to Belle Plaine. Swoboda always makes it a point to do his best to please people. It is not at all surprising that he had made a lot of friends here who hate to see him leave.

75 Years Ago
(Feb. 15, 1946)

Otter Tail Power
to build plant here
Construction of a building to house an auxiliary power plant here will be started by the Otter Tail Power Company just as soon as materials are available, said C.W. Reid, who is in charge of the company's offices in Canby. The company purchased a lot on the west edge of Minneota this week and will erect the auxiliary plant there. The plant will be used to furnish power for this territory during emergencies and will be large enough to handle the load on lines in Minneota and east of here.

No mail train thru
here since Feb. 5
Train service on this branch of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, which came to a halt in last Tuesday's blizzard, had not been resumed on Thursday morning of this week, although one freight train came through here on Monday afternoon going to Canby. Mail, normally delivered by train, was hauled here from Tracy by a Canby trucker.

Stores here report
big Valentine sales
It may have been the shortage of paper, or it may have been that Cupid was more active this year than ever before, but Minneota stores were all out of the little messages of romance long before St. Valentine's Day. Stores here reported that the run on Valentine's cards started weeks ago and that stocks were nearly all sold out by last weekend.

50 Years Ago
(Feb. 11, 1971)

Debaters fourth
in region meet
The debate squad of the Minneota High School, competing in the regional meet at Marshall last weekend, came in fourth in the competition. A team from New Ulm finished in first place, while Marshall was second and Montevideo third. New Ulm and Marshall advance to the state meet. On the Minneota debate team were: Greg Regnier, Marc Larson, Bill Ufkin and Keith VanOverbeke. High school faculty member Herb Pagel was the team's coach.

City Council adopts
revenue sharing
Federal revenue sharing was endorsed by the Minneota village council at its meeting Monday night. In a "Resolution of Commitment", the council declared the immediate establishment of an adequate and fair national revenue sharing system is the highest priority issue confronting government here in Minnesota and throughout America. The council's resolution is non-partisan and emphasizes the urgency and high priority of revenue sharing in an effort to press for action by Congress this year.

Mercury dips to
20 below zero
With a little more than a month until spring, Mother Nature gave this section of the country the "cold shoulder" o couple of mornings last week and sent the mercury skidding to 20 degrees below the zero mark. Edwin Lyng, who reports the day's highs and lows for the community, and registered minus-20 on the mornings of Feb. 6 and Feb. 7. Just two days before that on Feb. 4, the high was 26 above.

25 Years Ago
(Feb. 14, 1996)

New car wash
opens in Minneota
The Minneota Car Wash is now open and ready for your business. Located in the first block of Madison Street, across from Dalager's Gas and Grocery, the new facility is an added boost to Minneota's business industry. Owners Doug and Tim DeVlaeminck got the idea for the car wash about a year ago. The facility operates with Monorail equipment in the coin-operated car wash. The car wash will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

clinic is Feb. 26
The Minneota "McGruff" is sponsoring a finger-printing clinic on Monday, Feb. 26 at the Minneota Community Center. Children who are three years or older are the prime candidates for this finger-printing clinic. If your child has already had their prints taken, there is no need to have them redone. Dan Louwagie of the Minneota Police Department will be helping Chairperson Cheryl Schmitz with this project.

Flower Patch now
has an outlet here
The Flower Patch, which has been open in Taunton for some time now, has a new outlet in Minneota. Located in the old MGT building on the corner of Highway 68 and Madison Street, the Minneota branch will be open starting on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Anderson first
at speech meet
Laurie Anderson of Minneota placed first in Original Oratory at the Southwest Minnesota State University Speech Meet this past weekend. Minneota finished fourth as a team. Sara VanMoorlehem finished second in Great Speeches, while Nicole Stiklestad and Jennifer Flood tied for fourth in Poetry.

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