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Kindness costs nothing

I have one of those fancy phones that allows me to add a signature line to my text messages. I try to use something positive and uplifting. I am currently using “Kindness costs you nothing”, and it is attached to all of my text messages.
I do this to inspire others to think about kindness and to lift those who may be having a tough time. We live I a world filled with trouble and people who like to make drama, but we get to decide how we live and feel. I encourage everyone to look for opportunities to show kindness to others.
For instance, I try to wave to everyone I meet. A wave and a smile can be a lightning strike of positivity to someone having a hard day. A small gesture can be a big deal to someone who is carrying a stressful burden. You have the ability to leave seeds of kindness everywhere you go and those will often multiply as others benefit from your actions.
Kindness knows no politics, race, sex, or religion. It is just like respect in that giving it to others tells me more about than the giver than the receiver. Try to be kind to everyone you meet and in doing so you will be showing kindness to yourself.

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