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Social media safety

I have received several questions from people regarding social media safety, privacy, censorship, and constitutional rights. Before I go any further let me be upfront with – I am not an attorney and I am not providing legal advice.
I encourage anyone with a legal question to consult with their attorney. That being said, I can offer some practical safety advice and give you some things to consider. Our Federal Constitution and Amendments are intended to prevent the “Government” from infringing on the rights of citizens. Those restrictions do not apply to private citizens or companies unless outlined elsewhere in the statute. Private citizens and companies have much greater authority when it comes to who they hire and fire and what types of behavior or conduct they can expect from their employees both at work and in their private life.
If you do a quick search on the internet you will find several reports on people losing jobs because of things they have said or groups they are suspected of belonging to. Many of these issues are 5, 10, or 15+ years old.
People and groups are actively searching social media sites for anything that they deem to be inappropriate. My advice to everyone is to delete all of your social media accounts and start over. Only use the platforms that you need to use and secure them as much as possible.
Don’t “Like", comment share anything that could be viewed as controversial because doing so will attach your name, thereby allowing others to assume you support whatever message is being shared. This is also important for your kids and their future.
Imagine losing a scholarship because of a forgotten post or a job opportunity because you “appeared” to like something that is now deemed controversial. Talk to your family about social media safety and take a proactive approach to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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