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Minneota is unique

Adversity is said to be the fire by which people are tempered and leaders are made. 2020 was filled with adversity and we not only survived, but I believe we are better and stronger than we have ever been.
In 2014, I became your Police Chief because I wanted to change how law enforcement is not only performed but in how people viewed and interacted with officers. This goal is still a work in progress, but I would not have achieved the success that I have had it not been for those leaders above me. I am a firm believer that leadership is the foundation of success and that great leaders serve those who they are charged with leading. This has been my experience in Minneota starting with the day I was hired.
Our prior and current city council has done an excellent job in supporting the men and women working for the community of Minneota. In addition, City Administrator Shirley Teigland is the best City Administrator I have ever worked for (I have had four prior City Administrators as a police officer). She is calm, reasonable, and supportive.
As a one-officer police department, it is difficult for me at times to separate myself from the work and get a fresh perspective. Shirley excels at helping me with this. Also, all of our city staff (fire and first responders included) wear many hats and can help each other when needed. I know that I can call on them to help me when needed. I have never been turned down and they have always had a positive attitude.
Based upon 22-plus years of working in government, I can confidently say that Minneota is very unique and successful in how they operate their government, support their staff, and serve their communities. We are very fortunate to have the leadership and staff that we do and we should never take it for granted.

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