Ask the Chief

Do you own a pet?

Pets are a big blessing to their owners. They provide comfort, entertainment, and a purpose. However, many owners fail to properly control and care for their pets and this causes many problems in town.
I am not saying that you are a bad person, but perhaps you are too busy and have too much going on in your life to care for a pet. Perhaps your life has changed due to health, a birth, a job change, or a move, and a pet doesn’t work for you anymore.
It is 100 percent your responsibility to keep your dog or cat on YOUR property. It is incredibly disrespectful and rude to open your door so that your cat or dog can use your neighbor’s yard as a bathroom or scare people walking in town.
If you are walking your dog you must also pick them up after them. I am sure you don’t like picking up another dog’s poop in your yard, so why would you leave your dog’s poop in someone else's yard. This happens a lot in town and most people are “too nice” to report it.
Please do your part and either be responsible for your pet or adopt it out to someone who has the time, energy, and willingness to be a responsible owner. There is no shame in doing the right thing.

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