St. Edward kids are: (front row, left to right) Audyn Traen, Addyson Pohlen, Emmalee Jones, Brisbyn Traen and Debbie Beisler. Back are: Sydney Hennen, Bryce Gorecki, Elise Hennen, Simon Gruenes and Reed Sorensen.Reed Sorensen practiced flossing to give him a better idea of what’s happening with his teeth.

Dental Health month includes learning for kids

The Kindergarten and First Graders participated in some fun activities during their Dental Health Unit.

Students learned how to properly brush and floss their teeth.

They got to practice flossing using legos, playdough and floss.

Students also learned how sugar can cause plaque to grow in our mouths if we don’t brush our teeth.

They saw how the plaque grew in an experiment called, “Plaque Attack.”

Students received toothbrushes and a toothbrushing tracking chart from Southwest Health and Human Services in Marshall.

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