Kimpe and others were told the weather was 20 degrees and they tried to stay warm. The different reactions of Brenden Kimpe after being hypnotized on Saturday. Kimpe and others were told to take a swig of “joy juice” that will make them feel better.

You are getting very sleepy

As volunteers climbed the steps leading up to the Hoop Barn stage in an attempt to be hypnotized on Saturday, many skeptics in the audience were voicing their opinions.

When the show was over, Master Hypnotist David Danzig had at least quelled some of those comments from the non-believers. Danzig, who resides in Pine Island, MN, has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years by demonstrating the incredible and limitless potential on the human mind.

When Danzig asked for volunteers, he promised there would be nothing embarrassing and that the hour they were under a hypnotic state would feel like eight hours of sleep once they awoke. Brenden Kimpe, a Minneota High School senior, was one of the 12 volunteers for the 5 p.m. show.

After tranquil directions, Danzig walked behind each of those on stage and tilted their head forward to tell if they were relaxed and in a deep sleep. He then weeded out those he felt weren’t in a slumber. Kimpe was among those remaining and appeared to be in the most relaxed state of all of the volunteers as evidenced by him tipping over and laying in the empty seat beside him once Danzig said “sleep”.

The volunteers remaining on stage were instructed to do various interesting and humorous things such as driving a car, being a jockey in a horse race, reacting to extreme hot and cold weather changes, laughing and crying during a movie, reacting to a foul odor, and drinking “joy juice” which made them feel as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

Kimpe was singled out and instructed that he was the President of the United States, while one woman was his political advisor and another woman performed sign language. Kimpe was asked about building a wall between Minnesota and Canada to which President Kimpe responded “No, because they are our friends to the north”.

For the finale of the show, Danzig instructed the volunteers to turn around and “shake your booty” to audience members. A woman seated to Kimpe’s left became very animated and was even “twerking”.

“I’ve never twerked in my life,” that woman said after the show when informed of her dancing prowess on stage.

Kimpe admitted to remembering “a few things” while on stage, including being the President, but not everything. Danzig’s statement about feeling like you will have slept for eight hours after the show was over didn’t hold true for Kimpe.

“I’m really tired now,” he said after the show. Even after witnessing the volunteers reacting to Danzig’s instruction, there were still some skeptics in the audience.

“If you have any doubts,” Danzig remarked to the audience, “then volunteer to join me on stage.” Whether or not you were a skeptic, the show was still entertaining.

Told to go into a deep sleep, there was little doubt that Kimpe followed the direction of Master Hypnotist David Danzig.

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