Leaning into her lamb during the show at the Minnesota State Fair was Heidi Guttormsson of Minneota (right). One of her opponents was on the left. Guttormsson earned a purple and reserve champion for her Middleweight Market Lamb. Although they showed and won awards with their chickens at the fair, Jodi Buysse and Brenden Kimpe took time to pose for a photo.Grady Moorse, purple and Reserve Champion Brown Swiss Production.Mya Lozinski waited for the judge to approach at the state fair — and so did her Mini Hereford heifer calf Merideth. Lozinski earned a blue ribbon in the beef category. The Division I Dairy Herdsmanship Champion was Lyon County. 4-Hers are: (Front row, left to right) Lilli Opdahl, Cassie Louwagie, Joe Verschelde, Isabelle Kimpe, Josh Schuelke and Brock Fier.  Back Row: Thad Pease, Zack Fier, Logan Schuelke, Ben Louwagie, Grady Moorse and Brooke Moorse. Carolyn Hoffmann purple, crossbred dairy heifer. Josh Schuelke, Blue, Best in Show Junior Doe and Champion Alpine Junior Doe. Gared Moorse, Reserve Champion Dairy Goat Senior Showmanship Group C.Travis Engels, blue in swine division.Morgan and Jordan Moorse pause for a moment during the Minnesota State Fair, where they received ribbons for their chickens.Laura Knutson, Red & Market Gilt Show Person advanced division  — fourth place.

Taking State Fair by storm

“Traditionally our kids do quite well each year at the state fair,” said Sam Jens, Lyon County 4-H Coordinator. He wasn’t wrong.

Minneota kids waltzed into the Minnesota State Fair last week and walked home with a pile of awards. Take Joshua Schuelke for instance.

After a summer of baseball and ag activities, he brought home a blue ribbon and Best of Show Junior Doe and Champion Alpine Junior Doe.

Schuelke’s neighbors and very good friends are the Moorses.

And Grady Moorse won a purple and Reserve Champion Brown Swiss Production; Brooke Moorse took a blue ribbon and Reserve Champion Red Holstein Net Merit and Gared Moorse was Reserve Champion in Dairy Goat Senior Showmanship Group C along with a blue ribbon.

Kinsey Moorse took a blue and Showmanship Blue.

Complete Results:

Beef: Mya Lozinski, Blue; Layne Lozinski, Red.

Dairy: Grady Moorse, Purple and Reserve Champion Brown Swiss Production; Carolyn Hoffmann, Purple; Brooke Moorse, Blue and Reserve Champion Red Holstein Cow Net Merit; Zack Fier, Blue, Dairy Showcase Participant; Joe Verschelde, Blue; Logan Schuelke, Blue.

Dairy Goat: Gared Moorse, Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship Group C, Blue; Malachi Klemm, Blue and Showmanship Blue; Kinsey Moorse, Blue and Showmanship Blue; Josh Schuelke, Blue, Best in Show Junior Doe and Champion Alpine Junior Doe.

Food Preservation: Kaitlyn Ludwikowski, Blue.

Meat Goat: Brynn Lozinski, Red.

Photography: Hope Beisler, Red; Cassie Kluess, Blue.

Poultry: Jodi Buysse, Red; Brenden Kimpe, Blue; Morgan Moorse, Blue; Jordan Moorse, Red.

Rabbit: Isabelle Kimpe, Blue; Lilly Moorse, Blue; Lauryn Hansen, Purple; Tara Thooft, Blue; Tucker Thooft, Purple; Natalie Bot, Red.

Shop: Gus VanHecke, Red.

Sheep: Heidi Guttormsson, Purple and Reserve Champion Middleweight Market Lamb; Troy Van Keulen, Blue; Dylan Vlaminck, Blue; Rachel Vlaminck, Blue.

Swine: Laura Knutson, Red and Market Gilt Showperson Advanced Division - fourth place; Travis Engels, Blue.

Earning a blue ribbon at the state fair was Dylan Vlaminck of Minneota. Special photo.

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