Lois and Walter Timm of Wood Lake, who have been riding together since 1973, attended their first Memorial Run event on Saturday. Several of the Memorial Run bikers take off in front of City Hall Bar & Grill around noon on Saturday for a 167-mile ride before returning to Minneota for an evening program. A drone camera captures the many motorcycles and riders that met behind City Hall Bar & Grill Saturday morning before taking off for their 167-mile ride.Jordan Kimpe of Minneota participates in the Memorial Run's "burn-off" in which competitors attempt to generate as much smoke off their rear tire as possible. Kimpe finished second in the "burn-off".   Broken Oak of Marshall entertained the riders and others on Saturday evening.

Memorial Run: Riding for a cause

177 registered for 19th annual event to raise money for food shelves

Bikers came from all over the region on Saturday to gather behind City Hall Bar and Grill in Minneota for the 19th annual Memorial Run.
The Memorial Run was designed to promote motorcycle safety awareness, while also raising money for a certain cause.
This year's Memorial Run saw 177 registered bikers help raise money for the Kitchen Table Food Shelf in Lyon County and the Prairie Five Canby Area Food Shelf in Yellow Medicine County. T-shirts were sold with proceeds going to next year's entertainment.
The riders left Minneota at noon on Saturday and made a 167-mile trip to various stops in South Dakota before returning to Minneota for an evening program.
Among the bikers involved in the Memorial Run were Walter and Lois Timm of rural Wood Lake. The personable couple has been riding together on their 2017 Indian motorcycle since 1973. On Saturday night, they made the 40-mile trip from their home five miles outside of Wood Lake to join fellow cyclists.
"This is the first time we've been here for this," said Walter. "Our two sons have been here before so we decided to come this year."
The couple, both in their 70s, have been all over the United States and even into Canada on motorcycle vacations.
"I don't have my own bike because we have four kids and we couldn't afford a second bike," joked Lois. "And I'm too old to learn now. And besides, I'm too short and my feet don't touch the ground."
“She trusts me driving,” Walter laughed.
The Timms have traveled to South Dakota to attend both the 50th and 75th anniversary of the Sturgis Rally, but decided not to attend this year.
“We been out to the east coast, Oregon, Texas and parts of Canada,” said Lois. "We've been on Toy Runs (Toys for Tots) with other couples, too. We enjoy traveling all over."
The Timms stay in motels when they travel instead of camping.
"I don't like the work of camping," Lois said, smiling. "He grew up on a farm and I told him if we had to camp, then I was bringing cattle along and he had to milk them. If I had to work, so did he. So we stay in motels."
Along their journeys, the Timms have had a few close calls on their motorcycle, so they know the importance of remembering those who have lost their lives on the road.
"There have been a few times where drivers have pulled out in front of us because they didn't see us coming," said Walter. "We were passing a semi one time and as we were going around him, he decided to pass the car in front of him at the same time. We made it, but I had my doubts that day."
They have been in one accident in which a driver pulled out in front of them and they collided sometime in the 1990s near Detroit Lakes. Although they remained upright, the accident left them bruised and battered, but neither Walter or Lois suffered any broken bones. Lois had her helmet knocked off by the mishap. They were treated and released from the hospital in Detroit Lakes.
"The driver that pulled out in front of us felt so bad that he didn't see us coming," Lois recalled. "He even came to the hospital to make sure we were okay. We were fortunate that we weren't hurt more than we were, but we felt like we were 80-year-olds the next morning because we were stiff and sore all over."
Included in the evening portion of the Memorial Run program was a pulled pork sandwich meal, prizes and musical entertainment from Broken Oak of Marshall.
"It was a beautiful day to ride with everyone," said Lois.
"We're glad we decided to do this," Walter echoed. "It was a good time."

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