Laleman still searching for lost cane

Although Omer Laleman continues to walk around town for exercise, he has been seen recently without the white cane that generally accompanied him on his journey.
Laleman, who is legally blind, recently lost the white cane that was given to him by the State Veterans Association two months ago.
"My vision is 20/70 so I'm considered legally blind," Laleman said. "I have another cane, but I liked the one I lost quite a bit more."
Laleman had recently driven his pickup to his nephew Ed Laleman's place to pick corn and Omer had taken the cane with him.
"I put the cane on top of my truck and I think I left it there when I drove home on County Road 3," he said. "It must have bounced off."
Laleman retraced his steps, but the cane did not turn up.
"The cane has a tag on it with my name and address," he said. "And it should have been easy to see the white cane on the black tarred road. But someone must have picked it up and kept it."

If anyone finds the cane or has information about it, please call 507-872-6088.

Omer Laleman

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