The Minneota I team consists of Alyssa Engels, Kaitlyn Hanson, Molly Krog, Audra Buysse, and Cecilia Rabaey.

Knowledge bowl Bowl team advances to region meet

egion 8 meet on March 2 in Wabasso and advanced to the Region 8 meet. The Region 8 competition will be held on March 12 at Southwest Minnesota State University. The region winner advances to the state competition.

The Minneota I team consists of Audra Buysse, Alyssa Engels, Kaitlyn Hanson, Molly Krog and Cecilia Rabaey. The Marshall I team was the winner of the Sub-Region meet with 85.5 points, followed by Wabasso with 83 points and Minneota I with 74.5 points.

Minneota had three teams in the competition; Minneota I, Minneota 1/2 and Minneota’s Other Team. The Minneota ½ team was 13th with 54 points, just missing the top 12 places that advance to the region. Minneota’s Other Team finished 20th with 40 points.

“All of the students have been doing very well this year,” said Devann Shultz, who co-coaches the Minneota teams with Aaron Koep. “The girls have been close to the top the entire season. Both the girls and boys teams have stayed in the upper half of every meet as far as scores go.”

The Sub-Regions only allow a team to have five members. The six boys on the Minneota Knowledge Bowl 11-member squad split into two teams of three members each for the Sub-Region meet instead of leaving one member out of the competition.

“The girls decided to stick together (for the Sub-Region), and the boys decided to split into two teams,” said Shultz. “I think that may have hurt the boys in the long run.”

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