Honor students help Christmas Angels

Snow storms, end of semester projects, icy roads, gifts to be bought and wrapped, and bitter cold. It’s Christmas: the most wonderful time of the year.

Gone are the days of simple joy when Christmas meant food and fun, when tromping through two feet of snow to slip around on ice was the ideal afternoon, and when a hand drawn picture was the perfect gift.

This beautiful holiday has been stripped of its peace and joy and burdened instead with irritation and anxiety.

But what drives out discontent better than gratitude? While we long for a bit of rest, others long for a job to feed their family.

While we complain about how tired we are after spending all day cooking, others wish that they could eat.

These people exist in our community. The Minneota Chapter of National Honor Society recently spent an afternoon helping with Christmas Angels, a program that assists needy families in our school.

Christmas Angels provides small gifts for families that cannot afford them.

These same families receive food boxes every month. There are seventy-five students in our school who are served by these programs.

There are seventy-five students in our community who rely on this service for their wellness, and in many other nations, they would be considered wealthy.

Remember this as you begin your Christmas meal in your warm house, surrounded by the people you love. Remember this, and be grateful this holiday season and always.

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