Zack Fier and his grand champion dairy cow.

Fier, Beisler claim championships

Winning at the Lyon County Fair in Marshall is not an easy task. The event itself, which runs from Wednesday night to Sunday, is grueling enough.

But the year-old preparation 4-H kids put in to get ready for the “big show,” with hopes of earning a trip to the Minnesota State Fair is, well, excruciating.

For Minneota kids like Zack Fier and Faith Beisler, it all seems worth it.

On Sunday at the 4-H Ribbon Auction, the two were named champions of their divisions. Fier was the Champion Dairy winner and Beisler took the Champion Dairy Goat category.

Megan Gile of Cottonwood was named the winner in the Champion Horse category — one of 10 who exceeded in their category as the best-of-the-best at the Lyon County Fair.

Fier had an impressive list of honors at the fair. In addition to being Grand Champion, he also was Reserve Champion in the Junior Holstein division.

His junior color breed was a grand champion; Overall Junior Champion and Reserve Champion; Senior Holstein Champion, Overall Senior Champion and Overall Color Breed Champion.

He was also overall Holstein Champion. The Fier family pretty much had it covered with Zack’s cousin Destin Fier the Holstein Senior Reserve champ and the overall senior reserve champ.

Destin Fier was also Overall Dairy Reserve Champ and Overall Holstein Reserve Champ. Zack’s brother Brock was Junior Showmanship Reserve Champion. Beisler, who is a member of the Lake Marshall Eagles 4-H Club, was Dairy Goat champion and won the Junior Doe Kid championship.

She also took the Reserve Championship in the Showmanship senior Open Class of the Dog Division and won the championship in the Obedience-Brace category. The overall winners of each species at the fair were: •Champion Sheep-Landon Marthaler, Marshall, Amiret Busy Bees.

•Champion Beef-Katlyn Wieme, Tracy, Tracy Comets.

•Champion Rabbit-Mallorie Hicks, Tracy, Amiret Busy Bees.

•Champion Dairy-Zack Fier, Porter (Minneota), Nordland Top Notchers.

•Champion Swine-David Lanoue, Marshall, Lake Marshall Eagles.

•Champion Poultry-Thad Pease, Balaton, Coon Creek Cheerful Workers.

•Champion Goat-Samantha Phillips, Marshall, Lake Marshall Eagles.

•Champion Horse-Megan Gile, Cottonwood, Swan Lake Skippers. •Champion Llama-Kaitlyn Lingbeek, Marshall, Stanley Busy Beavers.

•Champion Dairy Goat-Faith Beisler, Minneota, Lake Marshall Eagles. Sheep Senior Showmanship: Grand Champion Carly VanKeulen; Reserve Champion: Cole Myhre. Goats Market Goat: Grand Champion Quinton Anderson; Resercve Champion: Quinton Anderson. Dairy Goat Junior Doe Kid: Grand Champion: FaithBeisler; Reserve Champion: Robertg Beisler. Jr. Goat Showmanship: Reserve Champion: NolanVanKeulen.

Rabbits Satin:Grand Champion Natalie Bot; Reserve Champion Natalie Bot. Other Large Purebreds: Grand Champion: Cheyenne Moorse. Jersey Wooly: Grand Champion: Jodi Buysse; Reserve Champion: Jodi Buysse. Mini Lop: Grand Champion: Stephanie Kimpe; Reserve Champion Isabelle Kimpe. Mini Rex: Reserve Champion Tucker Thooft. Overall Rabbits: Reserve Champion Jodi Buysse. Junior Showmanship: Reserve Champion Joseph Beisler. Senior Showmanship: Reserve Champion Jodi Buysse.

Poultry White Egg Production Pen-Chicken: Reserve Champion: Jodi Buysse. Brown Egg Production-Chicken: Dylan Vlaminck. Overall Poultry: Reserve Champion Dylan Vlaminck. Intermediate Showmanship: Reserve Champion Joseph Verschelde. Senior Showmanship: Grand Champion Brenden Kimpe; Reserve Champion Jodi Buysse.

Dairy Junior Holstein: Grand Champion Zack Fier; Reserve Champion Zack Fier. Junior Color Breed: Grand Champion Zack Fier. Overall Junior: Champion Zack Fier; Reserve Champion Zack Fier. Holstein Senior: Champion Zack Fier; Reserve Champion Destin Fier. Overall Senior: Champion Zack Fier; Reserve Champion Destin Fier. Overall Color Breed: Grand Champion Zack Fier. Overall Dairy: Champion Zack Fier; Reserve Champion Destin Fier. Intermediate Showmanship: Grand Champion Joe Verschelde. Overall Holstein: Grand Champion Zack Fier; Reserve Champion Destin Fier. Junior Showmanship: Reserve Champion Brock Fier.


Obedience-Beginner A: Grand Champion Charity Beisler. Obedience-Beginner B: Blue Ribbon: Kinsey Moorse. Obedience-Graduate Beginner: Reserve Champion Lilly Moorse; Blue Ribbon Robert Beisler. Obedience-Novice: Grand Champion Faith Beisler. Obedience-Pre-Open: Champion Cheyenne Moorse. Obedience-Brace: Champion Faith Beisler. Showmanship Novice: Grand Champion Lilly Moorse; Reserve Champion Robert Beisler. Showmanship Senior Open: Grand Champion Cheyenne Moorse; Reserve Champion Faith Beisler. Rally Pre-Novice: Blue Ribbons Robert Beisler. Rally Pre-Advance: Champion Faith Beisler; Reserve Champion Hope Beisler.

Food Review Grades 3-5: Grand Champion Imogen Moriarty. Grades 6-8: Grand Champion Gus VanHecke.

Construction-Clothes You Make Grades 9 Plus: Grand Champion Jodi Buysse; Reserve Champion: Emily Buysse. Construction-Clothes You Buy Grades 9 Plus: Grand Champion: Jodi Buysse. Fashion Revue-Clothes You Make Grades 9 Plus: Grand Champion Emily Buysse.

Fashion Revue - Clothes You Buy Grades 9 Plus: Grand Champion Jodi Buysse.

Crafts & Fine Arts Grade 9 Plus: Grand Champion Hannah Brewers; Reserve Champion Hannah Brewers.

Robotics Grades 3-5: Reserve Champion Nolan Van Keulen.

Electric Grades 3-5: Grand Champion Garrett Peterson.

Shop & Wood Science: Grades 3-5: Reserve Champion Garrett Peterson.

Child & Family Development Grades 9 Plus: Grand Champion Jodi Buysse.

Needle Arts Grades 3-5: Reserve Champion: Imogen Moriarty.

Quilting Grades 3-5: Grand Champion: Nolan Van Keulen.

Food Preservation Grades 3-5: Grand Champion: Imogen Moriarty.

Scrapbook Champion: Nordland Top Notchers.

Community Pride Champion: Westerheim Flashing Stars

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