Tana Gillund, left, and Treah Siekmann proudly show the grapes they have picked at 3B Vineyards outside of Dawson. Minneota teacher Hollie Thompson and her husband, Jerry, own and operate the vineyard. The grapes were then washed and de-stemmed. Standing, left to right: Claire Rost, Dakota Pesch, Hadli Krog, Alex Wersal. Sitting, left to right: Sarah Gruenes, Kate Badgett. 
Jaelin Anderson, left, pours sugar into a pot of boiling grape juice and sure-gel as Samantha Landrus and Riley Wambeke look on. The mixture then must boil for a full minute. 
Kadynce Sanoski pours the finished grape mixture into sterilized pint-sized jelly jars.

Farm to table

Several Minneota students in Innovative Foods and ProStart Foods participated in several activities to experience the Farm to Table process. Students toured a vineyard, harvested grapes by hand, watched mechanical harvesting and checked the BRIX level in the grapes. The grapes were brought back to school where students destemmed them, pressed the grapes to extract juice, and then made jelly that they could take home and share with their family.

Bretten Coequyt measures out the grape juice and pectin before it must be boiled. The students made both low and full-on sugar jelly. Mascot photo by Scott Thoma

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