Jenny Buysse and Shelby Muhl.


Nurses cited by Sanford Network

Jenny Buysse and Shelby Muhl, both of Minneota, were recently honored by the Sanford Network for the services they provide.
Buysse said nursing was her calling, and after 23 years, also considers it a passion.
"I really enjoy my work," said Buysse, who was born and raised in Minneota. "I like making things better for patients."
Buysse, a registered nurse at Sanford Canby, was recently honored with an "Exemplary Professional Service" award from across the entire Sanford Network.
Muhl, a native of Canby who lives in Minneota with her husband Dallas, was given the Structural Empowerment Award from the Sanford Network.
"I love the diversity our rural hospital brings," said Muhl. "And the best part is my family of co-workers."
Buysse, who received her degree at South Dakota State University, was nominated for the award by Dr. Lindsey Hanson. Muhl was nominated by Sheila Pitts, an RN at Sanford Clear Lake; Jennifer Wiik, an RN who is the network nursing and clinical services consultant; Kahley Meyer, a PA in Canby; and Brenda Knutson, DON at Sanford Canby.
Muhl obtained her LPN degree at Lake Area Technical Institute and then her RN degree from the University of South Dakota. She has been at Sanford Canby for the past seven years. She works on the medical/surgical floor, as well as the emergency department.
There were over 450 nominees for the various awards. Seven from Canby Sanford earned awards that were presented recently at a small reception by administrators from Sanford Sioux Falls.
Buysse and Muhl both humbly accepted the award on behalf of their teams at Sanford.
"I was really surprised that I had won," said Buysse. "I’m part of such a good team that all does their job well. No one is better or worse than their co-workers. Everyone has their strength."
"I was shocked and very honored," said Muhl. "I felt like more people should have been recognized as I am part of a greater team and nothing happens without all of us working together."
Buysse works half of her time at the hospital and the other half in surgical with outreach doctors charting and circulating paper work.
Buysse and her husband, Eric, live in Minneota. They have three children; Jack, Emily and Jodi. She worked at the Minneota Manor in high school and college before accepting a position with Sanford Canby in 2003.
"I am blessed with loving and thankful patients,"Buysse remarked. "And I have wonderful supportive co-workers and amazing family and friends."

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