Gary Buysse (right) handed an apple to counselor Angela Lauer.

An apple for the teacher

It was American Education Week and that meant one thing to the Minneota American Legion. It was “Apple for the Teacher” time once again.

Veteran Gary Buysse, who has handed out many an apple to teachers over the years said he wasn’t sure how long the veterans have been handing out the apples — but he said it’s been a long, long time. The special week is held to let the teachers know they are appreciated by people outside the school as well as the school administration.

The Minneota Public School administration also honored the teachers during the special week.

Lois Dero, tech director  for the public schools, seemed to enjoy getting the apple and she shared a good laugh with the veterans. Buysse handed an apple to Angela Lauer, school counselor (below). Also helping hand out the apples were veterans John Engels and his wife Amanda and Byron Higgin.

The apples were also handed out at St. Edward School. American Education Week — November 18-22 presented all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education.

The National Education Association was one of the creators and original sponsors of American Education Week.

Distressed that 25 percent of the country’s World War I draftees were illiterate and nine percent were physically unfit, representatives of the NEA and the American Legion met in 1919 to seek ways to generate public support for education.

The conventions of both organizations subsequently adopted resolutions of support for a national effort to raise public awareness of the importance of education.

In 1921, the NEA Representative Assembly in Des Moines, Iowa, called for designation of one week each year to spotlight education.

In its resolution, the NEA called for: “An educational week ... observed in all communities annually for the purpose of informing the public of the accomplishments and needs of the public schools and to secure the cooperation and support of the public in meeting those needs.”

Lois Dero

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