With another storm came more snow to move. Another storms meant more shoveling for area residents. Kids all over Minneota didn’t have school on Tuesday so they improvised. You find a pile of snow, grab a sled or something to slide on and THERE IT IS — a snow day filled with entertainment. These kids were on Second Street Tuesday afternoon.
No school — but still school work. Kids got the day off from the Minneota Schools on Tuesday, but some of the workers had plenty of work to do because of the storm.A new storm hit the Minneota area on Tuesday. The Farmers Co-op Elevator was barely visible from just down the street. An unidentified man walked the barren and snow-laden streets of Minneota on Tuesday afternoon.

Another blast

If you thought winter was done after the blast of snow last week — think again! A new, harder blast of snow was delivered to the Minneota area Monday night and all day Tuesday.

It shut down the Minneota schools and about every other school around the area.

It stopped out-of-town traffic and put a crimp in business activities on Tuesday. During the height of the storm, some folks tried to dig out and get a heads up on clearing it away.

The alley behind the Main Street businesses had a growing pile of snow as the day went on.

There was little anyone could do but “stay out of the way,” of the mighty forces of Mother Nature.

On Wednesday, Minneota Schools were two hours late and the city maintenance crew was freeing the community from this later blast by Mother Nature.

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