Minneota National Honor Society kids helped bag the goods collected through the Christmas Angels Program. They worked at the community center last Thursday.

Angels help 70 children

This year the Christmas Angels program made the biggest impact is had made since its inception four years ago. “We saw a majoring outpouring of donations from everyone in the community and we are grateful for this,” said Director Amber Rodas.

Thirty-two families received gifts, groceries and turkeys for their 70 children. “We appreciate all the time, donations, and love that was given to the program and hope we can continue to make an impact next holiday season,” said Rodas.

Minneota kids bagged the goodies at the community center last Thursday and got them ready for the families.

She said a special thank you to: Brad's Market and Brad Minnehan; The Knights of Columbus; North Pole Extravaganza; Bethel, Hope Lutheran, and St. Edward Churches; The Boxelder Bug Day Committee; The Get Together Club; Shopko Foundation; The National Honor Society and Borch’s Sporting Goods.

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