VFW Commander Pam McGregor spoke to the St. Edward kids about the Patriot’s Pen contest they can enter in the future.

9/11 changed everything

Until the infamous “9/11” day came and woke up most Americans as to the threat from abroad, Adam DeRoode says he really didn’t understand what “defending our country” was all about.

“Then it all came together for me,” he told the kids and audience at the St. Edward School Veterans Day program on Monday.

He talked about the differences between us in many ways, but said, “We need to defend the people who are different than us.”

A veteran himself, DeRoode, of Ghent made it clear America was worth defending, and we need to think about why that’s so important.

Several veterans attended the event and presented the colors as St. Edward School joined to celebrate the area’s veterans.

Adam DeRoode

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