‘May Day Music’ event comes to Minneota

Traditionally, May 1 has been designated as "May Basket Day" in which kids put treats in a basket or cup and leave them on the doorstep of a friend or relative.

But May 1 in Minneota will provide another type of treat with "May Day Music" as part of the Youth of Hope fundraising efforts for an upcoming mission trip.

The event will begin with a free-will offering Hot Dog Meal at 5:30 p.m. at Hope Lutheran Church.

The meal will be served until 6:30 p.m., followed by music in the church beginning at 6:45 p.m. The music event includes choirs from Hope Lutheran, St. Edward's and St. John's Cantius Churches.

"There will also be songs for the audience to participate in," said coordinator Terri Myhre. The Youth of Hope mission trip involves 58 students that attend Minneota schools and represent six congregations – Hope Lutheran and St. Edward's Churches in Minneota, and Bethany-Elim, St. John's Cantius, and St. Peter and St. Paul, all of Ivanhoe.

"We wanted to host an event that involved everyone," said Myhre about May Day Music.

"And this seemed to fit the ticket.”

"I think it will be incredible for the students to feel the support of the Ivanhoe, Minneota and surrounding communities."

The group, which also includes 12 adult chaperones, will embark on a mission trip from June 23-29 to the Niagara Falls area in New York, near the U.S./Canada border. Youth of Hope goes on a mission trip every two years.

They went to Daytona Beach, FL in 2015 and San Diego, CA in 2017.

The group has been working hard with fundraising in order to alleviate the cost of the trip, including running a concession stand at Pederson Pumpkin Patch near Echo in early October, serving food at a Minneota football game in mid-October, serving beef commercials at Hope Lutheran Church in late October, and baking and selling hundreds of holiday cookies and treats in early December, and more.

"We are over three-fourths of the way towards our goal, and have about $10,000 left to raise," Myhre told. The idea for the May Day Music came from a similar "Hymn Sing" event in Wood Lake.

"After talking to a few people, I found out that Hope Lutheran has done Hymn sings in the past," Myhre said. "I've had wonderful people to consult for ideas and experience – Roberta and Scott Josephson, Gayle Van Vooren and Nona Gottskalson.

Nancy Krog and Shannon Brewers also helped to get the idea moving along. We appreciate everyone's suggestions."

Hope Lutheran hosted a similar event several years ago. The music will include old-time favorites, contemporary songs, and choirs by students and adults.

"Hopefully, a little something for everyone," Myhre said. "The communities have been incredibly supportive and have blesses us in so many ways over the last year."

The evening of music will focus on service, love, faith, hope and trust, Myhre noted. "By uniting all of the congregations, our group will feel the support and encouragement from everyone," she said.

"We also hope that will be an inspiring night for those in attendance. We felt it was a great time to renew our faith, hope and trust as we begin the spring season."

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