Ole Pappy

Take couple of city kids out of their environment for a week or so and plop them into a small town atmosphere. Asking for trouble?

Ask the Chief

Occasionally I’m asked about traffic signs and or safety concerns involving streets. In Minneota, we have three streets that are not under the control of the City of Minneota.

Grady and Garrett had a chance to show off their ribbons, chairs and other awards before leaving.

Milk Maid

Last week was very busy and to add to the normal chaos, we were a little short handed on the farm!

Why were we a little short staffed you may ask?

Ole Pappy

 There’s a group that is doing its level best to help the senior citizens of the area — and they’re doing it through the use of volunteers. The group, called, A.C.E. (No, not Ace is the place ...

Ask the Chief

Recently, I assisted with a police pursuit coming toward Minneota on Hwy 68. Police pursuits can be very dangerous and we take great efforts to avoid endangering the public.


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