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Ole Pappy

Ugly sweaters rule

It was quite the day on Thursday when we held our Ugly Sweater Open House at the Mascot. Not everyone wore ugly sweaters, there were a few dandies.

Taking first place, and rightfully so, was Marge Breyfogle of Taunton. Her corkscrew hat, Bah Hum Bug Sweater with President Trump’s face on it and her Trump socks projected her into the championship. Then there was Jerry and Rita Bottleberghe, who wore matching sweatshirts adorned with lights and tinsel.

They made an adorable couple and earned second place. Shirley Gladis’ Rudolph shirt adorned with garland was hit and she certainly made the competition tough for everyone. It was a fun day for everyone and we sure appreciated everyone who came to our little party. A big Thank You to Barb Guttormsson who made the cookies — even some made like sweaters and decorated as well.

LAUGH A LITTLE: You don’t say. An eight-year-old girl looked astonished, then said to her parents, “You mean George Washington didn’t invent the toilet?”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “The true test of character isn’t how you are on your best days, but how you act on your worst days.” If I heard him say it once, I heard him say a thousand times, “Suck it up and move on!” Thanks Ole Pappy!

Marge Breyfogle

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