Caryn Hetland and Roger.

Ole Pappy

School board therapy?

Minneota’s School Board got a little “therapy” Tuesday night when Karen Hetland, a 17-year paraprofessional in the district, brought her pal “Roger” to the board meeting. Her dog “Roger” has become a part of the Minneota School District — having become certified as a “therapy Dog”.

Elementary Principal Jen Mahan-Deitte said the dog has meshed well in the school district and is working out well. Fact is, “Roger” has become one of “them”, and has kind of taken over in the classroom.

“The kids love him,” said Hetland. She said, “He knows what rooms to go to and is become familiar with the kids. Tuesday night Roger made more friends, enlisting the school board members on his list of friends.

He received more than one pat on the back, lots of applause and smiles from the board. Oh, he thanked the board himself, with several well-timed barks. Minneota Schools have become known for their academic innovation in recent years — like taking out desks for a more comfortable living room-atmosphere that has the kids responding.

Now, with “Roger” in the classroom, it’s more like being at home. Also . . . High School Principal Jeremy Frie congratulated the volleyball team, not just for the state championship, but because they are in the tops in the state academically.

“They’re kicking butt on the court and they’re kicking butt in the classroom,” he quoted Coach Hayley Fruin. He also said the First Aid class for students has been going well.

“The kids love the class and we’ll be training kids for future spots on the EMT squad.” He also said the Building Trades Class is getting “hands on” training with building projects outside the classroom.

And, a baby-sitting class has also been a success this year. “We also are in the process of modernizing the high school library,” said the principal. He called it going away from the warehousing of books to a more, “Barnes and Nobles look.”

LAUGH A LITTLE: Good advertising! A couple drove into town looking for a good restaurant. They were greeted by a billboard that said, “Steaks bigger than an 8th Street pothole.”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “Sometimes we get so caught up in the destination we forget to appreciate the journey. And don’t forget the people you meet along the way.” Ole Pappy once told me it was wonderful to have goals. But he reminded me I didn’t always get there without a little pain and heartache. But he was always quick to remind me any good journey will meet with good people along the way. Thanks Ole Pappy!

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