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Things we find it, ‘Hard to live without’

Have you ever heard from older people around you, “Back in my day, we didn’t have that and we survived?”

I’ve heard that phrase so many times throughout my life and I usually roll my eyes, agree that you can survive without it and imagine what life may have been like without those inventions.

That got me thinking to inventions and technology upgrades that it’s now hard to believe people lived without.

1. Electric washing machines and dryers. I cannot imagine having to handwash all my clothes. I’m such a slacker now that my new washing machine has a setting for handwashing those delicate pieces. It’s a time saver and does a great job.

2. Smartphones. I know there are probably several readers out there (looking at you Scott Thoma) that have older simple flip phone cell phones. It sounds over the top, but my life is on my phone. I can pay my bills on my phone. I have hundreds of photos on my phone. I have my entire address book on my phone. I can send emails on my phone and I can even update the Mascot’s website from my phone. I have an entire note section to keep notes about my cows and rabbits that aid in record keeping purposes. Not to mention it’s prowess at playing music, calling, texting and scrolling through social media. I couldn’t imagine not having my phone. The downside is not everyone seems to know how to put the phone down.

3. GPS (Global Positioning System). I keep an actual map in my car and I always look at a map before going on trips. But, I can’t imagine trying to navigate without a GPS. I just hook up my phone via an auxiliary cord to my car and it plays step-by-step directions to help me get to my destination. Anyone that has ever used a GPS knows that they can have a mind of their own though. “Recalculating” seems to be the most common phrase that a GPS says. If you go off course, the GPS will “recalculate” the route and send you back on your way. However, sometimes my GPS will get confused especially when getting close to my destination. Sometimes the GPS is a little slow as it keeps telling me how to get to my destination even though I’ve already arrived. Despite those issues, I couldn’t live without it.

4. Online shopping. We are very lucky here in Minneota to have great businesses that provide us with so many goods and services. But, every once in a while there’s an item or two I need that I can’t get locally. That’s when online shopping comes in super handy. I can just go to that business’ website or app on my phone or computer and just find what I need and move on. Online shopping should come with a warning label though. Things may not always be what they seem, shipping can be delayed and you always have to be careful with your debit or credit card information. I also like using online shopping sites to find different products that I can then bring that information to local businesses to see if I can get those products locally too.

5. Computers. Now, like many of you, I can have a love/hate relationship with computers. I believe computers can sense fear and know when big projects are due as they seem to become really slow or forget how to save things. Computers also are prone to viruses and they can unleash total chaos on a family, business or organization. But, I do love how easy they make things like book working, putting the paper together, updating the Mascot website, looking up information and so much more.

Whether you’re a youngster like me or someone that “survived” without all these high tech gadgets, it’s clear we’ll never be the same.

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