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One for the record books

It’s hard to believe we just passed Labor Day and that the Minnesota State Fair has ended and that Minneota’s Boxelder Bug Days in on the horizon.

This state fair is one for the record books for many reasons. My siblings went back up last weekend to show dairy cattle, rabbits and goats. It was a very successful weekend filled with fun, class winners and champions.

Personally, I was thrilled that all six of my rabbits that went to the big show all won their classes.

From there, my Dutch rabbit “Nugget” and my Mini Lop “Archie” were the champions of their breeds. They were happy to make it home on Monday night though.

What is neat about open class rabbits at the state fair are that they have a champions row. It’s a separate reserved specifically for the breed champions. Nugget and Archie got their own neat little signs and were showcased for fair goers.

Another reason why this year’s state fair is one for the record books is because it set an attendance record. According to state fair officials on Tuesday, the final attendance tally for the 12-day 2019 Minnesota State Fair was 2,126,551 which is an all-time record.

That total tops the previous mark of 2,046,533 that was set for last year’s fair.

One-day records were set this year on days 1, 2, 6, 9, 11 and 12. Still standing, however, is the busiest single day at the fair of 270,426, set on Day 10 in 2018. I was there last year on Day 10, and I will confirm that was the busiest I have ever seen it there.

It was so busy there was even wall to wall traffic down by the barns, which is never that busy.

The weather certainly played a role in the overall record attendance. Most days were rain free, and temperatures remained comfortable day and night. You can’t ask for better weather. It was picture perfect and whomever placed the order for the weather deserves all the Sweet Martha’s cookies they can eat.

Boxelder Bug Days may not be as large as the state fair, but it offers a similar atmosphere. There will be food galore like ribs, chili, Indian tacos, roast beef and the list goes on and on. There will be animals like the fair too!

The FFA Petting Zoo will be held in Veterans Park on Saturday and I was told there will be some fun surprises in store for petting zoo visitors.

At the state fair, there is a parade everyday. At Bug Days, there will be a Kiddie Parade on Saturday and the always popular Grand Parade on Sunday. While the state fair has a midway, Boxelder Bug Days has a street full of inflatables for the kids.

The Bug Days committee has indicated that this year’s inflatables will be the best yet!

A celebration wouldn’t be complete without music. The state fair has the Grandstands and the free stage, while Boxelder Bug Days has the Kruse, Universal Forest Products and Coequyt Plumbing & Heating Main Stage.

There will be a lot of wonderful talent showcased in Minneota this weekend.

The state fair was able to set records, let’s see if Minneota can set records for Boxelder Bug Days! Enjoy all the festivities!

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