A great community

Dear Editor:

Thanks Byron and the Mascot Staff!

Once again I have thoroughly enjoyed another year of news from the Mascot!

Each week I look forward to the paper. It’s like a letter from home.

But more than that, the Mascot is such a great paper.

You all deserve all the accolades and awards you receive.

It always amazes me that each week you are able to find stories of so many interesting local people to write about.

Thanks! Also, congratulations to the students, staff and community that make the Minneota School so successful in academics, extra curricular and sports.

Once again, the fall sports season was so successful.

Congratulations!! It was so much fun to watch the girls win the state volleyball championship and allow so many of us to watch, cheer and have a reunion.

I hope you realize how lucky you are to have such a great community!!

Leonard Coequyt

Hopkins, MN

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