Letter to the Editor

<p>To the Editor:</p>
<p>With all of the violence and maliciousness going on in our country and across all platforms of media, I am left wondering just how far we will go down this dark and dreary road. I fear that we have reached a point of no return where this type of behavior is not only acceptable, but expected, and is now the norm for society. It appears that it is acceptable to use violence or the threat of violence to denounce violence. It appears acceptable to be offended by anything and everything, and in doing so, we claim the moral high ground to justify our beliefs and actions.</p>
<p>It appears acceptable to demand free speech while silencing those who have differing opinions. It also appears to be acceptable to violate the law by demanding that a particular law be enforced or created. What can be done? Prayer is a good starting point, for peace, long-suffering and mercy. Live a life where you do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We have seen what peer pressure and mob mentality can do to create destruction. I wonder if they can be turned around and used to promote good? We may not be actively participating in the negative but can our inaction be seen as a form of consent?</p>
<p>What will the world be like for our children and grandchildren?</p>
<p>Bill Bolt Minneota, MN</p>

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