Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing this on behalf of my senior citizens from the Minneota Senior Center. You are missed, by me, Joanne, your director and friend.
The Center has been all spruced up. We have a new front on the Center and new 18-inch black letters that proudly announce, “Senior Center”.
The rust on the metal at the back has all been ground off and it sports a fresh coat of black paint and looks mighty proud. Inside, the floor has all been waxed and it shines like glass. The chairs are all stacked neatly along the south wall, except seven that are on the double table where the guys sit in the morning and have coffee, share what’s new, turn the TV on and maybe shake a few dice. Sadly, those chairs are empty too and the coffee pot has been turned off. The tray of coffee cups is covered with a dishtowel.
I go to the Senior Center three days a week, turn the music on for exercise and, you guessed it, I exercise all by myself. As I exercise, I pray for my Seniors who are my friends and my second family. May you all be safe and come unscathed through this time of isolation.
I know that our seniors are grateful to the city for buying this building so they can have a home. We are grateful to all who have donated money to help us fix it up. Many of those have passed on and can’t see the changes.
Today, the sun is shinning and with the sun comes hope and a reason to look forward to better days when we can once again be a family here, and the place will be filled with our precious seniors and laughter, meals, cards, bingo, mah jongg, conversation, reminiscing, exercise and, of course, coffee and goodies.
As we begin May, the days are longer and so is our hair, since we can’t get haircuts. We run our fingers through our hair and wonder how much longer will it get and how much longer will it be before haircuts come back into style.
The way our hair looks, maybe it’s not so bad to be in isolation.

Joanne Myrvik

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