Ask the Chief

Look for potential in others

Our lives are filled with many challenges and often we fall short of successfully meeting them. The reason for this varies from person to person.

However, the reason is not as important as what you do after the fact.

As your Police Chief, I have learned to look for the potential in others to determine their ability to change their behavior.

Experience has taught me that people are more complex than a black and white application of the law.

This does not excuse bad behavior nor does it justify criminal acts.

Rather, it requires a more complete analysis of the circumstances. Accountability is a must but how that accountability is applied has a big impact on future behavior.

My goal has and will always be to determine the truth, aid the victims, hold the guilty accountable and to restore all to peace and productivity in our community.

If we can work together so that people change their behavior, we will have less strife in our lives and far less crime.

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