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Spring increases police services

With every spring, there comes a dramatic increase in need of police services and this spring has proven that to be true.

These needs range from mental health concerns, family matters, traffic issues, and criminal investigations.

After a long and hard winter, many people feel a need to cut loose, get out, be active, and take advantage of every bit of sunlight available.

Unfortunately, this abrupt change often leads to overindulgence in activities which can require law enforcement or medical intervention.

I encourage everyone to increase their level of activity gradually. Limit the amount you drink so as not to become drunk and disorderly.

Make sure you have a designated driver whenever you go out and drink with friends.

Have a lot of patience with your family and avoid conflict.

When driving, resist the temptation to speed and pass people on Hwy. 68; the math proves it doesn't save you any time. When you begin to work on your yard, ease into it. Start with an hour or so and then take a break.

The next day, add a little more time while always paying attention to how you feel.

If you start to feel bad, take a break and if you don't feel better after an hour or so, consider seeking medical attention.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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