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Symptoms for cabin fever

 I’m sure many of you have noticed that people are beginning to show negative responses to the hard winter we are experiencing. You may have even found yourself being more negative, agitated or anxious.

There is no one that is immune and even I have had to stop and take a hard look at the thoughts I was having, the words I was using or the negative attitude that I was experiencing.

Previously, I shared with you some helpful options to combat these symptoms of Cabin Fever.

Today, I want to go one step forward and provide you with the phone numbers for the Western Mental Health Crisis Team. For adults it is 800-658-2429 and for anyone, under 18 years of age, it is 507-337-4980.

They are available 7 days a week and 24 hours each day. During the past two years, I have used these numbers numerous times while helping a family or persons in crisis.

For many of those families and individuals, this number is the number they call when they begin to feel bad, irritable or anxious.

I encourage them to call this number at the first sign of concerning thoughts or behaviors and by doing so they have avoided an escalation of behavior which would result in the need to call law enforcement.

These numbers should be on your refrigerator, employee bulletin board, Rolodex, contact list or where ever you keep emergency numbers. Mental and emotional health is vital to a happy and productive life.

We have no problem seeking help for a fire, theft, heart attack or flu. So why do we feel embarrassed or ashamed to seek help for mental and emotional health issues?

The answer is, you should not. Take care of yourself and others by knowing what to look for and who to call to get help.

If you have any questions please stop and see me.

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