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Snowmobile riders: heed these words

Are you a snowmobile rider? Do you ride responsibly and respect others and their property when you ride?

If you do then this letter is NOT for you. This letter is for that small group of snowmobile riders who think it is ok to trespass, who think it is ok to tear up a lawn, field or boulevard.

It’s for those who think that it is ok to rip up and down streets and alleys at speeds that are dangerous.

And for those who think that jumping curbs and snow piles in town is cool or that hitting the throttle to make a lot of noise is fun. Your actions in town are ruining it for everyone else. People are upset and people are complaining.

I have people come to me every year with complaints of disrespectful and reckless snowmobile riders.

This is going to stop. If you are a parent and you let your kids ride, then you have a responsibility to make sure they are doing it properly.

Did you know that as an owner of a snowmobile that you are "jointly responsible for laws broken by a minor on that snowmobile"? I have begged, I have educated, I have warned and yet it continues.

Starting immediately I will cease all warnings. If you get stopped, you can expect to have your snowmobile inspected, registration checked, your safety certificate checked, and your driving behavior closely monitored.

If any of these things are found to be in violation of the law, you will be cited.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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