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 Personal accountability has always been an issue in our society, however it seems to be at an all-time low. It starts as children when we blame our siblings for us getting in trouble.

We admit that we did something wrong but we try to distract our parents from our actions by saying ... but he should not have told ... or he made me do it.

Really??? Has anyone ever really made you do anything? As we grow older, we continue to blame others for our actions while learning never to admit fault.

I failed the test because the teacher didn't teach me.

I was arrested for drunk driving because the officer is picking on me. I was fired from my job because the boss is a jerk. I hit my wife because she nags at me.

I stole from my employer because he doesn't pay me a living wage. I cheat on my taxes because the tax law is bad.

Why is it ok to blame the victim for the bad behavior of the offender? What ever happened to integrity? I’m only being investigated for theft because they are out to get me?


If you didn't commit a crime you have nothing to worry about. You don't need to attack the victim, witness or reporting party in an attempt to defend yourself.

Let the facts prove your innocence. My son would never do that. Really??? Then why is he on video stealing those items? I’m a good person, I would not do that.

Really??? Then why are the police here and why are the witnesses saying you did it? I swear to GOD I didn't do it.

Really??? Why are you going to such lengths to convince me of your innocence when the facts show otherwise? Character attacks have replaced an educated and analytical review of the facts.

Just watch a news program or go on social media and you will see that people prefer drama over actually taking the time to learn about a subject.

What does this say about our society and what will tomorrow bring?

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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