Ask the Chief

Would you please do me a favor ...

My partners who are Firemen and Medics would also ask for this favor as well....

We are not selling tickets to the Policeman's Ball. We are not trying raise money for a new fire truck or AED.

What we would really appreciate is for you to take extra care this holiday season and to drive as if your life depended on it.

We have been to too many fatal vehicle collisions.

We have stood at the doorway of to many homes knocking with the dread of telling a family member their loved one had died.

We have gone to bed only to relive the incident as we stare at the ceiling or as we dream in restless sleep...

Please slow down.

Please take extra time.

Please avoid driving at night.

Please don't drink and drive.

Please turn on your lights and be courteous to others.

Please don't add yourself to the list of faces that we will never forget...

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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