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Fall is here

Fall is a great time of the year with cooler temps, harvesting of crops and the changing colors of trees. This brings up the question of what to do with growing piles of leaves in our yards.

Minneota does not allow leaves to be blown or mowed into the street. Property owners are encouraged to bag their leaves and to dispose of them at the city burn site where there is a specific location for leaves and compost located near the entrance from County Road 10/N. Monroe Street.

Another issue that I deal with this time of the year are neighbors disputing about whose leaves are in whose yard.

The simple rule to follow is this‚ if the leaves fell in your yard or if the leaves were blown into your yard by the wind, then the leaves are yours. It doesn't matter where they came from.

That being said, it is wrong for a neighbor to blow leaves into your yard with their lawn mower or leaf blower.

Those who use lawn mowers and leaf blowers to deal with their leaves should always blow into their own yard from the property line so as not to put grass or leaves on to someone else's property.

Simply put, it is about being a good neighbor and having respect for other people. The leaves in the street will be picked up by the street sweeper when we have time but you may also want to be a positive community member and clear leaves from your gutter while you are cleaning your yard.

Why should you do this? It is in your interest to keep the gutter and storm sewer drains free of debris because if the storm sewer drains get clogged the water will have no were to go causing large pools in the street and backing up into yards and eventually into homes.

By working together, we can keep Minneota looking good and keep our neighbors and ourselves happy.

Minneota Police Chief Bolt

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