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Be a role model

When was the last time you heard someone say, "chip off the old block,” or, “Cut from her mother's apron"?

These sayings are old and are used when talking about someone and how they are similar to someone in their life that had a positive impact on their development.

You don't hear these saying very often anymore. Why? Perhaps it’s because we stopped being role models to our children and the children in our community.

We stopped being their heroes, their ideals, their goals. We allowed athletes, actors and celebrities to replace us in the lives of our children.

Rather than emulating and adopting our values and beliefs, our children are greatly influenced by people we don't even know.

There’s a lot of turmoil in our world and I wonder if it is due to an entire generation lacking a moral compass, seemingly tossed to and fro with every fad and new call to social justice.

So many of the people I deal with as an officer seem confused about right and wrong, integrity vs selfishness, accountability vs gratification.

Occasionally I come across someone who takes pride in their family name and in honoring those that came before.

These people serve others.

They lead by example. They take responsibility. They are not perfect and they know it. They help when and where they can.

They are quick to apologize if they error and quicker to forgive.

If we want peace, happiness and stability in our communities perhaps we should take a lesson from our elders and take back our blessing of being role models to our children and the children in our community.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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