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Why are we working on the street while school is in session?

Many people have noticed and asked why we would choose to work on N. Monroe street after school started. Wouldn't it have been a better idea to do it during the summer?

The quick answer is that N. Monroe Street is also County Road 10 and this project is a Lyon County Project.

The City of Minneota has no ability to decide when and how County Road Projects are done.

We do share our concerns with Lyon County but the county is often dealing with many projects and contractors who have jobs all over the region. This often results in jobs being delayed due to weather or other factors.

The good news is that the job is almost done. If the weather is good, I expect that this week we will have fresh asphalt on the ground and fresh paint a few weeks later.

This will make for a great looking road for the Bug Days parade along with clearly marking parking spots at the school.

Although improvements rarely come at the most convenient time, if we are patient we will see that it was worth it.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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