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Keep an eye out for kids

School is starting soon and thanks to COVID-19 many families will be having their kids walking to and from school rather than riding the bus or carpooling.
This means that drivers (I am talking to you) must slow down and be looking for kids crossing the street or walking in the street.
Yes, the kids should be paying attention, too, but let us remember that they are kids and the average kid is not known for paying attention or for looking both ways before crossing the street.
As licensed drivers, we have all taken a driver’s education class, passed a written and behind the wheel test, and have at a minimum a fair amount of experience in driving.
All of this added together puts the vast majority of safety on the shoulders of the driver. Leave early to give yourself more time. If you are running late, then go ahead and be late. It is better to show up a few minutes late than to hit a child with your car.
Tips to remember:
SLOW DOWN. It is legal and completely fine to drive 20 mph in a 30 mph zone.
If you are in a 20 mph school zone, it is ok to drive 15 mph.
Don’t assume a walking child sees you.
Be prepared to stop suddenly.
Don’t follow other vehicles closely as they may stop suddenly.
If you see a kid at an intersection waiting to cross, stop, and let them cross.
Turn on your headlights so that other drives and kids may more easily see you.
Look at every kid as if they were your kid and drive accordingly.

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