Ask the Chief

Storm Tips

The storm we had this past weekend gives me an opportunity to remind people of some safety tips and what to do in the event of a severe storm.
First and foremost, stay alert to your surroundings and monitor the news or your weather apps. Weather can change from calm to dangerous very quickly and often the warnings we receive allow only a few minutes to respond.
Second, have a plan. Planning before an emergency will allow you to quickly and efficiently respond to one when it occurs.
Third, if you are going to be away from your home make sure your windows are shut and your roof gutters and the street gutter are clear. You would hate to come home to find that you left a window open and your home is full of water.
Fourth, in the event of a power outage keep calm. Most often the power will come back on in a short time but if it doesn’t avoid opening your refrigerator or freezer and letting the cold air out. Having flashlights and candles for lighting is also a great idea.
If you need more information or tips, please give me a call.

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