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Wearing Masks

The following outlines the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's guidance to local law enforcement agencies related to enforcement Minnesota Governor Walz's Executive Order 20-81 which mandates the wearing of a face-covering by the public.
I am sharing this with you and encourage you to read it carefully to prevent and or stop false information in the community and on social media. There are a few very important points that I want you to take note of:
(1) All Minnesotans must wear a face-covering in all public indoor spaces and indoor businesses unless they are the sole individual in the space. Workers are required to wear a face-covering when working outdoors in a situation where social distancing cannot be maintained.
NOTE: "Face covering" includes masks, scarfs, face shields, or any object which would cover the nose and mouth in the like manner of a mask.
(2) The goal of the Executive Order is to advise Minnesotans that wearing a face-covering will protect them, and the expectation is that each Minnesotan will voluntarily comply.
NOTE: I am understanding this to mean that I will be educating people, NOT ARRESTING THEM, and not escalating the problem.
However, if you push the issue and make a scene, YOUR behavior may result in an arrest for trespassing or disorderly conduct.
(3) Individuals are being instructed not to contact their local law enforcement agencies to report other individuals suspected of violating the Executive Order.
NOTE: People need to take care of themselves and not turn on each other or on any business. There may be a legal and justifiable reason why a person is not wearing a mask and if it is medical or mental health based there are laws that protect those individuals from being made to show proof of their illness.
(4) Under no circumstances should an individual be arrested solely for failing to wear a face covering.
NOTE: While you may not be arrested for not wearing a face covering, a business may still deny to serve you and ask you to leave if you are not wearing a mask. If you fail to leave or become disorderly you may be subject to being arrested for trespassing or disorderly conduct.
(5) The Executive Order requires individuals to remove their face covering when asked to do so to verify their identity.
NOTE: This applies to the purchasing of alcohol, cigarettes, renewing of a driver's license or ID card, or if a Police Officer is attempting to verify your identity.
(6) Those who have a permit to carry - You WILL NOT violate the law if you are legally carrying your firearm and wearing a mask.
If you have additional questions please call me at 507-360-7864. I will also have a copy of the entire EO at the Minneota City Hall for you to read.
Across the country, we have seen people become violent regarding masks. Locally, I have seen mask shaming along with a great deal of bad information.
I encourage everyone to focus on taking care of themselves and their own families. It is very easy to point the finger at others and I suspect you don't want the same type of scrutiny focused on yourself.

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