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Take bad weather warnings seriously

On December 28, I was paged while off duty to respond to two different domestic disturbance calls, back-to-back. During the second call, we decided that it was best for the parties involved to separate.

The individual that was going to leave needed a ride, which I was happy to provide, as it would allow those involved to calm and reflect on what had happened. It was as I was driving the person to their friend's home that I drove onto a patch of slush and then drove into the ditch.

I often post on Facebook and talk about driving conditions and safe driving practices and I want you to know that I was practicing what I preach. It is important to remember that accidents occur, even when you do your best to avoid them.

I would not have been driving in those road and weather conditions had I not been called to a domestic disturbance.

A domestic disturbance call is one that we MUST respond to and do everything we can to either stop the violence or prevent future violence from occurring.

These situations are very volatile as they deal with people who have deep emotional connections and history.

We do our best when trying to respond under challenging circumstances and sometimes our best is not good enough. I would like to thank, Pulvers Towing, Ghent Fire Department, and North Ambulance for helping me while I was in the ditch.

There no juries as a result of the accident and only minor damage to the squad car.

I would especially like to thank Lyon County Deputy Brandon Coens who had assisted me at both domestics and while I was in the ditch. Please learn from my example. Take our warnings and advice seriously.

When we have road and weather conditions as we did this last week, we don't go out unless we absolutely have to and neither should you.

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