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Parking at the School

It’s that time of the year where parking at the Minneota Public School becomes a challenge. The cold motivates people to be creative when parking and the number of people attending events makes parking a premium.

Drivers will double park, park blocking driveways, park in no parking zones, illegally park in handicap spots and so on.

Everyone wants to park as close to the doors as possible but trying to fit 50 vehicles in a 20 vehicle area will not work.

Accidents are bound to occur, door dings are common and verbal disputes happen. Often the parking lot has open spots that are not even used.

Is it really worth the aggravation? Why do so many drivers choose to show up five minutes before the event and then get mad when they can't get a good parking spot?

Parking is first-come, first-served. If you want a good parking spot and you know the event is going to be well attended, I encourage you to come early.

If you have passengers who need help or are elderly, drop them off at the door and then find a parking space.

Imagine how upset you would be to come out from an event and find a ticket on your vehicle because YOU CHOSE to park illegally.

A little planning and politeness can make the event enjoyable for everyone and help you avoid an accident or a ticket.

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