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Gas drive-offs

A gas drive-off is when someone gets gas at a gas station and intentionally fails to pay for the gas. It has been years since I have investigated a "real" gas drive-off.

However, I frequently receive calls from gas stations regarding people not paying for their gas. What actually is occurring is the gas station attendant opened the pump thinking the person would pay inside while the person getting the gas swiped their card and assumes they are paying at the pump.

When I get these calls, I am able to quickly help the gas station and the customer connect and resolve the issue.

Yet, there is something that you can do as a customer to ensure this never happens to you.

Whenever you pay at the pump, make sure you have the pump print your receipt.

If you truly paid at the pump, then it will give you a receipt.

If you don't get a receipt, then you know that you need to go inside and pay for your fuel. Mistakes happen every day and our goal is to help you avoid them.

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